HSE Policy

ROMU has made it clear that they are not just your average business. They have taken it upon themselves to conduct their operations with the utmost care and respect for people and the environment. This means that health, safety, and environmental performance are not just an afterthought, but an integral part of their business. They are committed to being a preferred employer and community member in Iraq. In fact, their ultimate goal is to achieve ZERO accidents, ZERO harm to people, and NO damage to the surrounding environment. Now thats what you call a business with a heart! As an organization, it is important to understand the needs and expectations of our members and stakeholders. Here are ten points that elaborate on how we strive to meet those expectations and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved:

1. We establish and maintain a structured HSE Management System that helps us manage risks effectively.
2. Our goal is to identify and manage risks to prevent accidents, injuries, or illness to anyone involved and to minimize the impact on the environment.
3. We allocate adequate resources, including human, financial, and time, to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of our HSE Management System.
4. We provide safe workplaces and systems of work, and empower our employees and contractors to address unsafe or hazardous situations.
5. We promote a culture of safety that encourages everyone to proactively manage HSE risks through education, information, and supervision.
6. We monitor our own operations and those of our contractors to evaluate performance against systems, procedures, and regulations.
7. We report HSE performance to provide a foundation for continuous improvement.
8. Our top priority is Total Customer Satisfaction, and we strive to exceed our customers expectations.
9. We endeavor to prevent non-conformance in all our business processes.
10. We comply with legal, statutory, regulatory, and other applicable requirements, including the ISO 45001:2018 standard, and identify opportunities for improvement in our HSE management system. We continually improve our processes to achieve the
required level of service quality and efficiency.